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Carl here. It’s been awhile since I’ve last updated this site and I apologize for not being able to reply to your comments. I don’t regularly check this site as this is an old review site that I posted after personally purchasing Jimmy’s letters and trying it out for myself.

His cover letters are what I used in the past for landing job interviews, but of course I can’t guarantee that it may work for you.

I published this review back in Sept. 09, 2010. (I can’t believe how fast time has flown by.) Anyway, the below review is not up to date on what Jimmy may have right now. But you can read it to see how it has personally worked for me at the time.

Also, I noticed his website has changed since the last time I’ve seen it. It used to be a simple page with no video. But it now it’s a sales video about the product.

Anyway, this is not the official Jimmy Sweeney Cover Letter site. To go to his official website, Click Here.

Quick disclaimer: I do receive compensation from some of the companies and/or links I recommend. This helps to keep this site running.

Below is my past review of Jimmy’s cover letters.

Product Description

Here’s a dirty little secret that big expensive resume-writing companies hope you’ll never know. A perfectly written cover letter is more important to your job search than the resume! But don’t write your cover letters the hard way. Just point and click with your mouse and you’ll have a cover letter in 3 minutes that will get the phone ringing off the hook with quality job interviews. Land your dream job today.

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Feedback & Overview

Note: This review is based on my purchase of the Gold Package (Jimmy’s Amazing Cover Letter Creator and Amazing Resume Creator – see product details below for more info). The below user comments are real and unedited. But results from the product will vary.

I’ve been using Jim Sweeney’s method for the past year. Before I used it, I got nothing then I started getting interviews…”

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During my interview I was told that my cover letter jumped out and bit them. I got a call a few days later saying that I got the job…

portion of user comment from atozteacherstuff.com Forum

I bought the Amazing Cover Letters software by Jimmy P Sweeney few weeks ago and was very satisfied from what I’ve got…

portion of user comment from yahoo.com Answers

The Amazing Cover Letter Creator is a simple point and click software software that generates unique cover letters, and has a job search tool that makes it an all-in-one solution for job searchers. It does not create just another generic cover letter  like what most people have seen on the internet. And it’s a flexible tool that anyone in any professional field can use. A small list includes nursing students, teachers, assistant managers, retail customer service reps, or even CEO’s.

My personal story. Upon arriving to their website, I thought it was a scam. There where plenty of free cover letters that I could use and I thought that there was nothing new that Jimmy Sweeney could offer. But after weeks of no interviews or call backs from any potential employers. I decided to look more into Jimmy’s product.

I did some research to see what others had to say. I found users who got good results. They claim with Jimmy Sweeney’s Cover Letters they were able to get more interviews and even land a job. Most received comments from hiring managers stating that it was their cover letters that stood out to them.

I took the plunge and purchased his Gold Package  (Amazing Cover Letters and Jimmy’s Resume Creator). I was hoping that Jimmy’s claims about his cover letters would get me noticed, interviewed, and even hired. I followed the laid out format and tips provided inside the Amazing Cover Letter Creator. And then I set out filling applications and submitting my cover letters to the jobs I wanted. The results were good. I was getting more interviews than from when I didn’t use his cover letters.

One hiring manager said that my cover letter impressed him, but I lacked any job experience in their field. I didn’t get the job, but he asked me to retry within a month after they were done with the hiring process in case someone they hired didn’t meet their expectations.

I tried other prospective job offers and potentially landed the job I wanted. The hiring manager told me that my cover letter stood out, but what impressed him the most was the “post interview letter” that I gave him. The “post interview letter” is one of the strategies provided inside Jimmy’s Amazing Cover Letter. He went on to say that in all his years of hiring, he has never seen one and because of that he had to hire me right away. It was a good feeling knowing that I got the job and that Jimmy’s letters worked to perfection. Within a week of going out equipped with a super cover letter and Jimmy’s tips I had a job.

If anything, these cover letters will help to get your foot in the door. The rest is going to be based on qualifications or your interview. However, Jimmy goes over both of these details and provides tips that will help you do well on the interview.

I would recommend this product to anyone struggling to get hired, a job seeker, or for someone who wants to improve their cover letter. I’ve recommended it to my friends and family for use on their next job search. With Jimmy Sweeney’s Cover Letters, your cover letters will stand out and it will get your foot in the door. Plus the bonus tips and strategies that you’ll learn will further increase your chances of landing the job you want or need.

The Amazing Cover Letter Creator works for both Macs and Windows, and can be instantly downloaded to your computer anytime, day or night. It also comes with three bonus downloadable ebooks that are readable using the free Adobe reader.

Product Details

  • (Option 1) Gold Package – Amazing Cover Letter Creator plus Amazing Resume Creator downloadable software, Top 3 Award-Winning Cover Letters, Amazing Job Interview Success, Big 3 Salary Negotiation Secrets
  • (Option 2) Basic Package – Amazing Cover Letter Creator downloadable software,  Top 3 Award-Winning Cover Letters, Amazing Job Interview Success, Big 3 Salary Negotiation Secrets

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